Off We Go
The World War II Memories of a B-17 / B-24 Pilot
by Dean L. Gustavson

Championship Publishing has taken on an unusual project for this company -- our first non-automotive book. Available now, we are publishing Off We Go, the Memoirs of a World War II Pilot by Dean L. Gustavson. Written by a World War II B-24 and B-17 pilot in the European Theatre, this book is full of photos (including a color section) and a lively and memorable narrative. There are 93 black and white photos and 16 color plates. This hardcover book has already been picked up by military museums throughout the United States. Book design and layout by Paul Anagnostopoulos.. For more information on the author and for an excerpt from the book, visit

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Rear cover of Off We Go


Off We Go

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