The Saga of Spencer Murray's
Dream Truck
By Mark S. Gustavson

This book is a history - and photo tome on Spencer Murray's famed Dream Truck. This most famous of all custom vehicles was the subject of dozens of articles over nearly 5 decades. Seven years in the making, this book exhaustively chronicles the wonderful and varied history of the Truck. With the full cooperation of the Dream Truck's original owner Spence Murray, discoverer and restorer Bruce Glascock and its current owner/restorer Kurt McCormick, a thorough and accurate historical record of photos, interviews and documentation of the Truck's history and construction have been assembled.  The Saga of Spencer Murray's Dream Truck tells, for the first time, the comprehensive story of the history of the creation, near destruction, and resurrection of one of the most famous custom vehicles of all time. The hardcover book – hand assembled and inspected – features over 230 black and white photos, dozens of color photos, 18 appendices (which include dozens of photographs) and 140 footnotes, as well as a lengthy text which not only explains the history of the Truck, but also comments upon it.

The book is based upon years of research, dozens of letters between author Gustavson and Spencer Murray, Kurt McCormick, Bruce Glascock and restorer Carl Green, as well as a careful examination of over one hundred articles published on the Dream Truck. The book includes a Prologue by Spence Murray, and a Foreward by Kurt McCormick.

Our third and final edition will feature a new color section, photos and information about the "lost years" (1959 through 1977), additional appendices, and updated information on the car provided by readers of our first and second edition. This third edition will be available late in 2011.

To tantalize you and give you a taste of the book, visit the Dream Truck section of Mark S. Gustavson's Custom Clinic here.

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Dream Truck

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