How To Build Better Scale Model Vehicles

by Mark S. Gustavson and Robert A. Wick


First presented in 2009 at the GSL International Model Car Championship and Convention, How To Build Championship Scale Vehicles/Construction Considerations for Building Championship-Caliber Models, written by Mark S. Gustavson and Robert A. Wick, is a landmark tome for the sophisticated and detail-oriented model car builder. The book teaches how to plan your your major scale vehicle project starting with first thinking about the project, how to plan for parts and assembly techniques, how to fill out project-planning charts in the first half of the book, with the second half teaching how to scratchbuild a brass frame, apply a flawless lacquer finish, hammer a brass hood, techniques for evaluating your work and the models of other builders from a creative-critique point of view, the how to construct a sophisticated paint booth.  At 157 pages with many dozens of how-to photographs and illustrations, and information on how to organize your workshop and store your research materials, even the most experienced builder will learn a lot about how to build that next great scale model car. This book is available in hard-copy format, spiral bound, at $25.00.  Please note that profits from this book are donated to the International Model Car Builders' Museum

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