The Predicta Project

Another book and project in the planning stage will focus on Darryl Starbird's Predicta.  The first-privately created custom automobile with a bubble top, the Predicta set the custom world on fire. 

The Predicta Project will include a full length, hard-cover book that will include hundreds of photographs, including many color photos, and a full section on the many versions of the model kit that have been presented by Monogram Models since 1964. 

The Predicta Project enjoys the enthusiastic approval and support of Predicta builder and designer Darryl Starbird, and will benefit from extensive interviews with Monogram kit engineer Roger Harney, one-time Monogram President and founder Bob Reder, and Darrell Zipp who won the real car in model contest presented in Model Car Science Magazine (while an employee for Revell, a competitor to Monogram).

To learn more about the Predicta, check out the web site for The Lynx Project. Go here:

For a sneak peak at the Monogram model kits that have been presented of this most remarkable custom, go here.

The Predicta book is scheduled at the end of 2011.



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