The Lynx:

 The Creation, Loss and Rediscovery
 of the Legendary Lincoln-Mercury Dream Cars
by Mark S. Gustavson

This book will reveal in detail the previously-unknown history of the "lost" Lincoln-Mercury concept car -- the Lynx -- that was a companion piece to Ford's X-Cars from 1963-64. This book is the outgrowth of more almost twenty years of exhaustive research into Ford Motor corporate history which has involved an investigation of Ford concept cars, the Lincoln-Mercury Division's Caravan of Stars, the Ford Division's Custom Car Caravan, as well as the remarkable story of a model car kit of the Lynx by IMC. Here is an excerpt of a bit of the rough draft text of one chapter in the book.

This multi-pronged project strikes out on new territory by involving a wide range of disciplines in the in scale presentation of the wonderful story of this previously "lost" aspect of Lincoln Mercury corporate history. This project started with an examination of the intricate early Sixties Ford Motor Company history to determine why the Lincoln-Mercury Division apparently didn't have its "answer" to the Ford Division's X-Cars (Mustang II, Cougar II, Allegro) which X-Cars were a major source of design and mechanical inspiration for Ford Division production vehicles. As research continued, the Lynx Project Team discovered that the Lincoln-Mercury Division did have its own prototype car series that were displayed at the February 1964 Chicago Auto Show, and lead to the construction of three "official" Lynx prototypes with a fourth version built by Ben Mills who was the chief of the Lincoln-Mercury Division.  Each Lynx prototype explored a different market niche which included a high performance sedan, a racing version that was briefly campaigned at exhibition SCCA B-Production Sedan events, and even a convertible! Mills' personal version exhibited strong European (Italian) design motifs, too. All but the first prototype (built by Dearborn Steel Tubing) was constructed by the famed Italian carrozzeria, Bertone.  Because of a number of factors, the history of that vehicle was carefully – and, until recently, thoroughly – suppressed but were discovered at an abandoned Detroit warehouse where they had been placed in 1965 to escape the corporate edict to destroy the prototypes.

The Lynx Project's goal is to depict the wonderful history of this long lost Lincoln-Mercury Divisions dream car through a series of scale models and dioramas that depict, in miniature, elements from the Lynx program -- all based upon photographs discovered when the Lynx Project Team purchased the four prototypes and a wealth of historical items including corporate minutes and other paper ephemera. The scale model project includes several intricate scale dioramas (the Detroit warehouse where the prototypes were located in 1998, a diorama of the Cobo Hall diorama where the Lincoln Mercury Caravan of Stars program debuted, and the Bertone carrozzeria where the three Lynx prototypes were built, and the Alitalia cargo plane off-loading of the three prototypes), models of the four Lynx prototype vehicles as well as scale models of other vehicles that played a role in this story as well as the presentation of a wide range of historic artifacts and musty photographs. The Lynx Project will be presented at Twenty-Fourth GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention that will be held in Salt Lake City, in late April 2013. Please visit the Lynx project website for more information on this great project!




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