Dream Truck2: Construction, Redesign
and Presentation
By Mark S. Gustavson

Starting in 1994, Mark S. Gustavson started his construction of a full custom 1/25 scale 1951 Chevy pickup truck.  For almost three years, readers of Car Modeler magazine watched as the model was constructed. Finally, in the July 1997 issue of Car Modeler (before it went to a single annual issue), the first finished version of the model was presented. Painted a pearl gold-green with burgundy scallops (paint design by famed illustrator Jairus Watson), the model was nevertheless was strongly criticized by the builder ("The Good, the Bad and the Merely Annoying -- Critiquing the Modern Dream Truck") in that same July 1997 issue of Car Modeler magazine. Go here to read the actual article that critiqued the model. Subsequently, the builder (and author of this volume) decided to redesign and reconstruct the model. 

This book will be a full-length visual presentation on how this model was originally constructed, and how it was disassembled, restyled, reconstructed and detailed with more than 620 specially-machined parts from Cody Grayland, almost 70 photoetched parts drawn by Bob Wick and created by Fotocut, and many scratchbuilt parts (including brass hood, doors and "bed" trunk not to mention a completely scratchbuilt brass frame).

The completed model will be presented in two venues: The first will be a feature article in a major model car magazine and at the GSL Championshipship.

 For a brief presentation on the Dream Truck2, go here for a short photo essay.



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