Mission Statement
Championship Publishing was formed in 1998 by Mark J. Benton and Mark S. Gustavson to serve the custom, dream car and vintage hot rod enthusiast and modeler -- in whatever scale. Whether offering specialized books on custom or coachbuilt historic automobiles, or presenting modeling "how-to" books for the sophisticated scale auto modeler, Championship Publishing presents, and will continue to offer, to the automotive public the best books and instructional materials. 

Championship Publishing benefits from the remarkable design work of famed commercial artist Roger Yu. The logo design for this company won a major award. Thanks, Roger!

Who We Are
Championship Publishing is owned by Mark J. Benton and Mark S. Gustavson. Both are Trustees of the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention and The International Model Car Builders' Museum. By training, Mr. Benton is a computer executive and Mr. Gustavson is an attorney. More importantly, however, both have a passion for custom cars, publishing, and promoting the model car hobby. 

Gustavson does the research and writes the books, and Benton generally does the book design and llayout work as well as creating and maintaining the web pages not only for Championship Publishing, but also for the GSL International Model Car Championship, the National Model Car Builders' Museum and for Gustavson's Custom Clinic web pageOn occasion, Championship Publishing turns to GSL Trustee, Paul Anagnostopoulos (Windfall Software) for assistance in book layout and design. 

How We Do It
Unlike other publishing companies that can only offer books on topics of general interest to automobile enthusiasts because of the realities of large-run book publishing, Championship owns its own high-speed printing and production equipment and can do limited print runs of books featuring specific vehicles and topics and still make a profit. If a publisher has to print and sell thousands of books to make a profit, it isn't feasible to pay attention to specialized topics that deserve presentation and preservation for future generations. With high-technology computer and printing equipment, Championship Publishing can present high-class hard bound books on rarefiied automotive subjects and still make money. 

What We Offer
Championship Publishing offers a wide range of items for the custom car and model car enthusiasts.  For instance, this company plans to offer more titles on specific custom and factory dream cars as well as model car building techniques and sophisticated scale model car parts for the discriminating enthusiast (check out our future projects section --) . Already, we have published our first manual for scale auto builders that teaches basic and advanced techniques, and a comprehensive book on Spencer Murray's Dream Truck.  More will follow in the future: A book on the Lynx, the "lost" Lincoln-Mercury dream car, and will offer a book on Darryl Starbird's Predicta in 2010.


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